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Welcome to Marydale Inn Bed & Breakfast near Jamesport, Hamilton, and Gallatin Missouri! If you're searching for a Bed and Breakfast, you are in the right place!

Marydale is our dream place. Part of it is reality and part still a
dream. With acres of sunshine, it's an ideal retreat from the rush of city life and represents all that is tranquil and good. We promote health and happiness while enjoying a glimpse of the good life and relaxation in our comfortable rooms.

A delicious, satisfying, home made full signature breakfast comes with every stay at Marydale Inn Bed & Breakfast. We even fresh ground our whole wheat! 


You will love it here at Marydale Inn and feel very at home and comfortable. As our motto says, "Come roost with us!".



With four different rooms to choose from you will find the most comfortable room to fit your needs.  All  large and with large, private baths.



Country Gourmet Breakfast!
Satellite Television
Fishing - Bring Your Poles!
Free Wifi
Walking Paths




Jamesport, MO
Jamesport is located only 12 miles from Marydale Inn. It is the largest Old  Order Amish Settlement west of the Mississippi River. The charming downtown is filled with unique shops, and the surrounding countryside is home to many Amish businesses including furniture stores, bakeries, bulk foods, produce, quilts and so much more. There are also many festivals and auctions throughout the year.

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints historical site Adam-Ondi-Ahman lies west of Highway 13 north of Gallatin and to the south of Jameson. Today, many visit the quiet and  peaceful site in rural Daviess County. From across the valley visitors can view Spring Hill from  a distance, and they can also drive to the summit of the Hill.

Far West 

Visit the town site of Far West, Missouri, about 30 miles north of Liberty. Here you can see the cornerstones of a temple planned by the Church. You can also enjoy the picnic area situated near the temple site.

Hamilton, MO

Enjoy visiting the quilting capital of the country.  Many shops and places to see including the Missouri Star Quilting Company.  Just 30 minutes away!



We are glad we had a situation that brought us here. Your facilities are spacious, immaculately clean, 
comfortable, and a real value. Hospitality was great...really enjoyed our stay. 5 stars!



17287 232nd Street  Jameson, MO 64647

Tel: 660.828.4541

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